View Full Version : Someone Help me out please!!!

10th Oct 2009, 05:39
Hey everyone. I;m brand new to this and i was wondering if anyone can help me out on how to get the "Dem Bones" Challenge map. I've gotten all the other DLC's but i'm still missing that one. Is there a code i can get from anyone to let me access it? I'm a soldier stationed in korea right now and when the game first came out i had to purchase the korean version of the game until my collectors edition arrived in the mail. The only code i got with my collectors edition was for "Crime Alley". Somebody hook me up. Thanks.

Matches Malone
10th Oct 2009, 06:23
Hey bro, you had to pre order from Gamestop to get that challenge map. Sorry bud :(

Sir Legendhead
10th Oct 2009, 06:30
Somebody might still be selling those online -- that's my best guess at how to get that.

10th Oct 2009, 08:19
You needed to pre-order it from Game (If you're British) or Gamestop (If you're American), Unfortunately, the Dem Bones map code can only be used once (Every one gets a different code) so you're going to have to buy one, and due to the greed of some people, they're too expensive for what they are.

I wouldn't bother if i were you ;)