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8th Oct 2009, 05:26
So we all know that Tomb Raider Underworld ended with Lara saying " Goodbye Mother, Rest in peace:. Well I have come up with a new concept for the next Tomb Raider. However, before reading this understand that this has absolutely no relation to Tomb Raider Origins at all. To be honest I thing that Tomb Raider Origins isn't even a game in the making, I think that Crystal Dynamics and Eidos are saying that so fans will get excited. Here is a snippet at the Tomb Raider story I have been writing.

It was a delightful morning to wake up to, well at least Lady Croft thought so. Usually Lara woke up to find something annoying her or to go and get her self a low fat skinny latte. But this was no ordinary delightful morning, this was the date that Lara had previously said goodbye to her beloved mother Amelia.

When Lara's feet hit the floorboards she sat on the edge of her bed and wandered why she was feeling so clum. But after that minute of thinking, the silence was broken to see Winston walk into the bedroom.

“Good Morning Lady Croft, and what a beautiful morning it is. The sun is shining, the birds are humming. The days don't get much better than this” Winston paused to see Lara sadly staring ahead of her.

“Oh, right, sorry Lara. Is there anything I can do. You look very miserable” Winston asked.

Lara briefly continued staring at the wall. Winston realized what date it was and was instantly reminded of last years inconvenience with Natla, Amanda, losing Amelia and Alister for good.

“Today may look beautiful, but unfortunately this is no day for celebrating!, Please get Zip here. I need a new file. I need to keep my mind off things today?” Lara asked.

Winston then headed outside Lara's bedroom, particularly worried about Lara's well-being. As he walked down the hallway he stopped and stared at a portrait of Amelia. He smiled and held his heart, then he continued walking into the Croft manor's hall and into Zips office.

“Lady Croft wishes to speak to you Zip” Winston passed the message on but then realized that Zip was talking to someone. In this situation Winston wisely moved towards Zip's back, to see who was in front of him.

“Hi, my names Derrick, Derrick James. Nice to meat you” Derrick smiled at Winston as the two shook hands for the very first time.

“Well, nice to meet you to, my name's Winston Smith” He smiled.

Derrick was on his first day at Croft manor. He was replacing Alister Fletcher's role as Lara's assistant.

Please leave a comment or even post your fan story of what you think Tomb Raider 9 should be like. Try not to be to harsh with comments.

(Keep in mind there is alot more to the story, including Lara murdering two people. One of them shouldn't be killed however)

Yours sincerely,
Laras Shadow