View Full Version : Stuck in 'Apprehending Harley Quinn'

7th Oct 2009, 18:22
Unlike the other topics I've read, I'm having problems with a glitch that is potentially keeping me from going further in the game. (Yes i own the retail version of the game, bought through steam.)

In the room where Harley Quinn has two men strung up above electrified water, and you have a time limit before the bomb goes off. Well, I manage to turn off the electricity, cut the men loose, and then Harley Quinn's all "I've gotta go now" and I have 30 seconds left to escape.

Well... Here's the problem. After Harley Quinn disappears, it teleports batman to the spot next to the window where she talks to him. And I can't move.... all I can do is stand there, and listen to the 'tick tick tick' of my ultimate demise. I can't use gadgets, can't move the camera, can't walk... I just stand there looking through the window into an empty room letting the bomb count-down.

Also i repeat. I BOUGHT this game, so there is no way this should be one of those anti-piracy hooks I've been reading about.

Any Idea what the problem is? or how to fix it?

7th Oct 2009, 21:24
That's a new one..
I haven't hear about this bug..
Perhaps some screenshots or a video?