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5th Oct 2009, 23:48
parts of it were good like the oracle files and the early blue boys plot line but towrds the end the book falls apart. Batman seemed generic and artificial and had limited expousure and the joker was greatly underutilized. The ending also was a dissapointment. shoots sarah - anti cliimax. overall dissapointed.

5th Oct 2009, 23:58
As far as crossovers go, this has gotta be one of the best. I'm the type of guy that prefers a low-tech Batman, who relies on his brain and body to get the job done with a few gadgets to augment his abilities. I'm not big on a Batman who has ridiculously high-tech armour, instant hookups to enormous databases and computers and various weaponry. Arkham Asylum walks the line in that regard and does it well. But really, I'm into a really down to Earth Batman.

That's one of the reasons this story appeals to me so much. Batman is out of his element. For those who don't know, Gotham City has been hit with an Earthquake that's left it in ruins. The US government has declared it a No Man's Land. Those who wanted to leave left, and those who stayed are stuck there. There's no technology, there's no money, there's no law and everything is shaken up. Batamn notes how much he's come to rely on technology and computers, and says that he has to go back to the best computer he has: His brain. He runs around with a big, oversized utility belt stocked with supplies, does undercover work, makes deals and generally has to compromise. They managed to create challenges for Batman that don't make him seem like a god in a man's body, but show off his smarts. For instance, when facing Scarface he snoops around disguised as a thug. Asks the right questions and deduces Scarface's schemes, what he values, what he's got. Then takes advantage of that. Classic Batman.

I also really like the concept of anarchy that's in the book. There is no law. The entire city is divided into turfs, operated by gangs. The gangs tag their turfs with their symbols. Other gangs tag over them with their tags and start wars. It shows different sides to people. One gang are shown spreading propaganda to rally troops to aid in a gang war. Gordon notes that they've never paid attention in History class, but are spreading propaganda.

It's all very interesting. The best part is that it makes use of all the major villains (save for the Riddler, who decides to leave Gotham) without seeming like they're just thrown in for fun, like in a Jeff Loeb book. Everyone gets many moments to shine. Two-Face gets a lucky streak and lands heads-up an improbable amount of times over the course of a few weeks and becomes a major aid to the community, rescuing people, saving lives, rebuilding homes. Poison Ivy takes over Jefferson Park and looks after orphans, who steal for her. Batman allows her to remain there in exchange for her to supply produce for those outside the Park walls. Again, more smarts and compromise on Batman's part.

And in general, the art is very good. Very strong look to everything with nice, smooth colours. Always a plus, but the story and situation is where the book is at.

Just my $.02

6th Oct 2009, 00:03
no i was talking about the written novel by rucca heard it was superior to the graphic novel. I guess not.

6th Oct 2009, 03:55
no i was talking about the written novel by rucca heard it was superior to the graphic novel. I guess not.

I didn't like it either.

6th Oct 2009, 05:33
no i was talking about the written novel by rucca heard it was superior to the graphic novel. I guess not.


My bad.

6th Oct 2009, 11:47
What volume would you guys say is your favorite. 1-5 of no mans land. Trying to save money by not getting the ones that were overshadowed by the better of the 5. I have read that 1 is really good, but 2 loses something which 3 picks back up.