View Full Version : Blue Screen upon exit

5th Oct 2009, 02:29
hey all,
just got this great looking game. everything seemingly runs well and (so far) i haven't experienced any of the lag/stutter issues people are having...hell i even got it to work with my logitech gamepad. one annoying problem though. EVERY time i exit the game it gives me a blue screen of death.

it seems to be referencing a vid card problem (something about locked pages...couldn't cap the BSOD reference), but even after an update of the newest vid card drivers it keeps happening. i thought i was being clever when i tried alt-tabbing out of game and tried to end the process through task manager instead, but turns out that causes the blue screen as well. tried reinstalling directx, still happens, tried disabling soundblaster enhancements through control panel, still happens. any ideas as to what could be wrong/possible fixes? i'd hate to have to keep dealing with blue screens every time i am done playing, as i'm sure that's not good for my comp.

cpu: q6600 2.4ghz
ram: 4gb
vid: radeon 1gb 4870hd
os: vista ultimate x64

5th Oct 2009, 05:04
ok. i updated my soundblaster x-fi driver and that seems to have solved the problem. but now my volume is really loud...like what used to be as loud as volume setting of 50, is as loud as 25. haha...but i can live with that. case closed.