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4th Oct 2009, 04:28
will there be free DLC expansions like add ons to panau or more vehicles and weapons???

4th Oct 2009, 06:13
Bit early to be thinking about DLC don't you think?

But anyway, I read an interview a while ago where that question was posed to them. I can't remember the answer. The link is around here somewhere :)

4th Oct 2009, 10:41
Probably, but the game's not even out yet :scratch:

24th Oct 2009, 16:12
right now i don't care about dlc or something special i just wanna have the game :(

CDR Mikhail
24th Oct 2009, 19:12
Good question. I'm not sure they'll let themselves be drawn on it though :rolleyes:

24th Oct 2009, 19:14
Why do people always wonder about dlc before the game comes out, of course there will be dlc, there's always dlc because it makes the studios more money

I think they should just incude everything in the game and if there has to be a dlc, make it free because i already payed $60 for my game

24th Oct 2009, 22:25
There is already a thread on this. http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=93973&highlight=dlc

25th Oct 2009, 16:20
but if there is only one thread about a topic. how are we gunna get this info out to the people. comon' lets make another dlc thread. Maybe the devs will see em' and make some dlc

25th Oct 2009, 20:54
"There is already a thread on this"
What do you you think? Isn't that the most repeated phrase on the forum these days?
I can't think about DLC yet, not even trying with all my strength...