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3rd Oct 2009, 09:27
Share your clips here - pics, videos, interviews et al.

I'll kick off with this cool rock song.

Angelina Jolie at her best appearing on Korn's video: Did my Time.

Enjoy! :D


3rd Oct 2009, 15:27
WoooHoooo :D I just LOVE Angelina Jolie :D

Here's one of my fav pics of her
http://i34.tinypic.com/330tteb.jpg :D

And she looks great in that video :D

3rd Oct 2009, 19:57
Good for you :D

Anyone else? :p

3rd Oct 2009, 21:39
I'll just say this... Grrrrr.... ;)


Max 28
4th Oct 2009, 03:55
Hehe, I'm an Angie fan. I really liked her as Lara. I can't find a vid but I do love Chapter 24: Put it Back in The Cradel of Life. Hehe, I go on enough about that scene and the music as you guys may have noticed though. :o

10th Oct 2009, 18:09
Loved that, Max! :D

I loved the scene that revolved around Pandora's Box :thumb:

12th Nov 2009, 13:36
I had a dream last night about this new TR movie, Angelina starring :D
It was such a realistic dream^^ She was exploring and out of nowhere, one of those cretaures attacks her, and then I saw "In cinemas now" screen :P

Btw, here's a sig I made ^^

31st Jan 2010, 14:19
Here's one more :D C'mon, there's got to be a lot of her fans, she played Lara, man :D


31st Jan 2010, 17:44
it was when she played lara i went off of her lol

1st Feb 2010, 17:22
I like her and I thought she was great in wanted and that changeling film (although I've only seen bits) but look, she's back again:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNkTFao5_UI - Female version of bourne, in a nutshell.

I thought she wasn't bad in bone collector, though I was quite young when I watched that though so I can't remember everything about it.:lol:

Sigh, it made me not trust taxi's!:rolleyes:

2nd Feb 2010, 07:03
Omg, that movie is gonna be awesome :D Can't wait :D I love her black hair later when she dies it ^^

2nd Feb 2010, 14:55
AJ is one of my fav actresses and not just because she played Lara. :cool:
I think The Bone Collector was the first movie I saw her on, and she was fantastic!!! Then there was Gone in sixty seconds (love it :D), TR, Beyond Borders, Taking Lives, Mr&Mrs Smith... I haven't seen Changeling and Wanted yet, but from the clips she looks amazing!!!
And I can't wait for the upcomming movie Salt! Looks GREAT! (and it has Liev Schreiber!!! Amazing actor! :cool:)

One of the things I really Love on AJ is the work she does for the refugees. People can say whatever they want about her, but the work she has done (and still does!) and the people she has helped... it's really something that I respect and admire! She's an example for everyone.


http://heroworkshop.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/angelina-jolie.jpg http://www.shrinkgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/angelina_jolie_lara_croft_01.jpg

2nd Feb 2010, 15:52
the days when her lips were less massive. ;) she's a good lara... but i don't like the movies.

2nd Feb 2010, 19:32
I agree with you dark7angel, people can talk, but she's just cool in every way :D I mean, she donated 1 million dollars to help people on Haiti, and not just that, she helped hundreds of people in Africa :D

I saw Wanted, both TRs, Hackers, Gone in 60 seconds, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and I can't wait this new Salt movie, she's kicking ass again :D And I should see Changeling ^^