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3rd Oct 2009, 01:10
Right, I'm new here so forgive me if this already been answered. I have used the search option but can't find a post which answers my question. :o

Anyway, my question is this. I know that in order to get 100% you have to complete all the riddles, find all the maps, bios, unlock all the challenges etc on any level. When I installed the game to my PC and playing it for the first time, I had a look at this part and saw two challenges available and the others with a chain and lock on it, which I know needed to be unlocked. Couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a new add on was available for Batman:AA when I logged in my windows live account from Windows marketplace and I downloaded the new add on pack. I installed it and it got installed sucessfully.
Now when I click challenges, I have no challenges apart from the insane night pack one. After I installed the add on, the original challenges disappeared and got replaced with the new Insane night add on challenges. Is this normal and will this still able to get 100% if I complete these challenges? If not, what do I do? :confused:

If this already been posted please could someone direct me to right thread. Thanks! :)

3rd Oct 2009, 04:03
The Insane Night dlc should be under dlc / the challenges should be under challenges. If they're not then something's weird.

3rd Oct 2009, 21:14
Thanks! Just checked again and voila!, the challenges appeared again. I don't know what happened. Wierd! :scratch: Whatever happened, at last its fixed! Yay!

3rd Oct 2009, 21:22
is it because this time you clicked on challenges instead of DLC?

3rd Oct 2009, 21:27
No. Re installed the game again. Maybe the first installation got corrupt somewhere...

4th Oct 2009, 04:08
There are two sections...Challenge Mode and Downloadable Content. Your Insane Night maps show up in Downloadable Content. The Challenge Maps have to be located in the game by finding riddler trophies throughout the game. You won't have unlocked them all until you've pretty much finished the game and returned to old places with all of your gadgets.

4th Oct 2009, 21:08
I just remembered that my PC froze half way when downloading the add on. Doh! :nut: Could have been that. I was in a hurry of getting the game to work. I should have took my time instead of barging in here! lol!
It is all showing up in the right sections now. I had to re install the game from DVD and re download the Insane Night pack from Windows Marketplace. It is now showing up in Downloadable section and challenges showing up in Challenge section. Thanks for the help guys! Sorry for any trouble or any misunderstandings! :o