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28th Feb 2014, 07:01

On a lazy Saturday afternoon Gex ,Alfred ,Cuz and Rex are lazing around Gex's penthouse watching television eating pizza and the usual fly or two... when suddenly a transmission from rez shows up on the monitor threatening to destroy the world and carry out his unrealistic plans. Gex not that concerned rolling his eyes (Thinking its a bluff ) shutting off the monitor continuing more important affairs ...then a rumble shakes the building and the transmission of Rez comes onto the monitor once again and says "This time I mean business gex ..and this time I will destroy you and this world hahahah!.....but if you want to stop me come down to the 3rd block studio Good Bye.With Gex and company in an anger ready to strike.. Alfred suggests that they freshen up on their skills before they head over to face Rez.....Gex and company head over to the studio only to fall unprofessionally into a trap set by Rez throwing them into the realm of the "Media Dimension" but this place that they had been thrown into was not familiar at all and seemed to be an isolated protected lab (was this a plan by Rez or a mistake letting Gex and Co. end up here) Gex takes it upon his genius intellect to research the computers for information which leads him to find real information about his fathers NASA mission stating that one agent survived the explosion and was experimented on for robotic cloning in the media dimension .After reading the information on screen Gex and Co. set out to save and find Gex's father and destroy Rez once and for all...

Thank you for reading the pilot - concept story for Gex 4.
This was intended for the forums and the feedback of various people to see if there are still fans of the Gex series that would like a new game and hopefully this project will be picked up by SE and added to the collective page.

Game Features
Single Player - Online Multiplayer Co-op 1-4 - Local Co-op 1-2