View Full Version : chapter 4 : water wilderness

2nd Oct 2009, 01:57
in order to open the castle gates, you have to find the two levers. problem is, i cannot for the life of me find the second onw! can anyone help?:scratch::mad2:

2nd Oct 2009, 10:19
to open the water wilderness castle gates, there are two levers. the first lever is found at the top of the tower to the left of the gates, you have to climb right to the top. when you land in front of the tower kill any enemies and go to the right side of the tower and start climbing. the other lever is on a platform to the left of the gates. to get this one you have two choices. head over to the platform, find the lower sunken house's roof, centre yourself and aim your shuriken and throw, or you can head back out and take the exit on the left onto the platform, fight the guards and flick the switch, your choice. then head over to the gates, fight the large guard and watch the short cutscene before your entry through the gates.

this is for the nds, i haven't played it on my other consoles yet!!;):)

2nd Oct 2009, 13:38
thanks! i didn't have a clue how to carry on, was searching the same place for nearly an hour lol.

9th Oct 2009, 00:24
thanks...that part was really hard!