View Full Version : Huge performance drop towards end of the game

1st Oct 2009, 21:16
Hi all

First things first wow what a game, I think we must all be delirious seeing as we not only have a masterpiece, but one featuring batman, hats off to all those involved in its production.

Ok now the problem, I am using a e8500 and gtx260 vista 64-bit upto date drivers etc..
Have been playing smoothly maxed out with x8AA at 1680x1050.
Then towards then end of the game

When you take on the 20 or so thugs and go onto take on the joker directly, I got a serious performance drop, I couldnt understand it, removed all AA went on to complete the game and still have this very significant performance drop when playing.
Is this a known issue? There is no change in my system config, yet for example.

When looking for riddler trophies in totally isolated and very small areas with no enemies, before I was getting smooth 60fps, now I am seeing probably half that?

I will maybe try the betas but I have had bad experience with nvidia betas so am loathe to do so.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.