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1st Oct 2009, 09:23
So the thing is, that JC2 is a huge project for Eidos and Avalanche.
How well it will perform, will affect JC3 and so on and on. But the main thing is, that JC2 can affect the whole video game industry. It`ll be brilliant for us-fans of the game, and also it will be extremely profitable for developers.
The main problem in this case is time. First of all we all have seen that the hero of new GTA4 chapter has already inherited some of Rico`s stunt “abilities”. There is another “similar” thing to JC2 in Crackdown 2 – look here, if you have not seen it yet (if this in not their “vision” of grappling hook, then wtf is that)
So new GTA chapter will be here in 2009, Crackdown 2 will hit store shelves in 2010!!!
So there could be JC2 sales problem for Avalanche. If they will miss Crackdown 2 (and who knows – maybe some other “similar” games). Because we are the fans of JC. An we will buy the game 100%. But other people choices will be based on game reviews. And if JC2 will miss the spot, the reviews will be like that: JC2 – “gorgeous lush environments, nice action, base jumping, grappling hook… - we all have already seen it in Crysis, Crackdown 2, GTA 4... So the game is good, but nothing new 6 out of 10”
Avalanche, please be the first and the best to impress us and journalists.

1st Oct 2009, 09:42
boo, heckle, hiss!!!

1st Oct 2009, 11:42
boo, heckle, hiss!!!


But, I fear he's right, if not totally, maybe in some way. I don't want it to be rushed, but not soooooo long to be released. We already talked about this, others may go on before, and without red flashes. That'd be bad for JC...

1st Oct 2009, 13:30
What I wanted to say (aside from the possible sales problem) that JC2 HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE SOMETHING NEW FOR NOWDAYS GAME INDUSTRY. All the greatest movies, books, games are so memorable only because they were there right on time. If Avalanche will make the game in time, then it will be REALY something fresh (not a significant leap like the one between 2d and 3d) – but a HUGE VISIBLE STEP FORWARD. Avalanche will be the team which created DUAL HOOK – not the guys from Crackdown 2. The truth is: does not matter – who invented the technology. The ones, who WERE THE FIRST who presented the final product to the market, will reap the reward. Avalanche can make ONE SOLID PACKAGE, that every gamer (and industry) will remember for long time. And then (if they will give us final product then IT NEED to be given) all people (aside from fans, which will adore JC2 anyway) will say something like that:
(playing Crackdown) – nice, but I have already seen it in JC2.
(playing smth like crysis for example) – good, but the world in JC2 was way more inventive.
(playing next Morrowing) – fine, but the sunset on the beach of JC2 was much brighter.
So on and so forth.
PS. Many game journalists named JC2 number among the first positions in their desired games list.
One more time. JC2 – you better be there when you need to be!

1st Oct 2009, 14:04
I don't care what people say about video games,I judge games for myself! There have been so many games that were rated bad,but then I played them and I loved them! When JC2 comes out don't trust IGN or other raters(unless they say its good}play it for yourself and you be the judge.:thumb:

1st Oct 2009, 14:06
Avalanche better hurry before the whole industri copy them

1st Oct 2009, 14:12
agax_xtd is right though! All the games now a days are taking ideas and making better games like-Mercs 2,GTA4,Crackdown 2 JC2 better beat them all in the ring;)

1st Oct 2009, 15:06
Very true. JC2 is first, it'll best a next generation game. If any other game with the same items in it goes first, jc2 will be a copier in most people's eyes...

1st Oct 2009, 15:35
right but all those people have to look at how just cause 1 came out before all those games and realize that just cause was coppied

1st Oct 2009, 16:25
right but all those people have to look at how just cause 1 came out before all those games and realize that just cause was coppied

YEP,JC1 had alot of stuf in it that other games copied-Like the grapple hook,awesome stunts from vehicles,HUGE map,other sand box games rarely have ALL planes,tanks,cars,bicks,boats,parachutes and helicopters,Bad A** hero and other tons off cool stuff. But yeah every game is fun in its own way! Except Mercs 2 I waited a whole 2 years to play it and it sucked big b**** compared too Mercs 1 or GTA or JC1:mad2::lol:

15th Oct 2009, 19:18
lol this is all an exscuse to try and get them to release the game early!!!!!!! WHICH I WANT so im not complaining :)

16th Oct 2009, 00:12
i personally liked mercs 2 but never bothered to check out mercs 1.people might do the same and think jc 2 copied those other games :mad2:

16th Oct 2009, 10:34
you cant help stupidity