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30th Sep 2009, 14:32
I bought the game from EB using the Digital Download, so I dont know if this plays into the problem or not.

When I 1st installed the game I got the pop about the SoundMax HD that I have and the known problems with them.

I didnt do anything, I just updated my nVidia drivers a few days ago so I just played.

I had ZERO problems playing the game. No lag or audio problems whatsoever and I turned all the graphics to max (it looks amazing).

I decided to use windows live and get the DLC. I had previously completed 25% of the game before I hooked up to Windows Live and downloaded everything.

After Windows Live Updates:

1st thing I noticed is my saved game was gone, but it didnt really bother me, I just figured it had to do with achievements or something like that.

So I start over, I skip the cut scences Im able too, till you get the walk with the Joker down into the prison while the credits are poping on the side.

I get all the way to last cutscene and it plays just about 5 - 8 seconds and the screen goes black and I get the windows error thing. The audio keeps playing through the whole scene of where the joker gets free and dances off into the asylum. However, the visuals never come back.

The actual error referenced to 2 graphic files that could not be found.

The auto save has me having to go through the long walk again all the way down. I tried to spam the mouse button to skip the cutscene before it bugged out but it happens too fast.

I didnt know what to do so I just uninstalled the whole thing and reinstalled my Digital Download and never initialized Windows Live and all is good.

If anyone know what the deal is I would appreciate it so I can get DLC and any patches. :scratch:


30th Sep 2009, 14:38
It would help if we new what the 2 missing files were. What's your GPU and the driver version you are using? Have you tried using GFWL after reinstall? It may have been just some random issue.

30th Sep 2009, 14:57
I knew I should have wrote down the exact error but I didnt have alot of time last night. When I get home Ill put the exact error up.

P4 3.66 Quad Core Asus
nVidia GeForce GTX 295

I didnt mess with the Windows Live after I did the uninstall & reinstall.

I know I had trouble before with a Digital Download from DirectoDrive and I swore them off after that but I grabbed Batman from EB so I hoped I would not have any problems.

Game I had problems before was Tabula Rasa. The digital version on DirectoDrive was a version to far back for the server to update the game from. When I bought a store copy it was a higher version and patched up correctly.

So i didnt know if it was something like that, with maybe file structures being different.

30th Sep 2009, 15:07
Yeah it could be a problem with EB, but let's still look at the errors before we draw any conclusions. If the error tells us the exact files, maybe it's possible for us to sort it out.

30th Sep 2009, 17:05
hi to how can help, ive deleted all profiles, ive used a diffrent e-mail add, done a live tag done a off line tag,an ill i get is cantconnect to live error code 0x80151906 is it the windowslive or the game, ive tryed combo ways of doing this ending in off line profiles an still nito,this is now somewere in the time line of about 15 hours of my time ,s**t i should be payed for this ,again unreal. again i get signed in ,i press the tab for off line an get erroe mesages,not signed in cant download on line stuff or save games, which then leve me to try an play the game with out saveing ?which means bs that what it means, im pissed and i want to take the game back to the shop were there be more trouble, ive tryed live help ha ha a fracking joke, tell me cos ive done my bit ?