View Full Version : audio a bit jittery

30th Sep 2009, 06:09
the audio seems a bit jittery when im playing at random times like it sounds like burning wood in the background. and it happens often, is there a fix to this?


3rd Oct 2009, 18:08
Same here. Same problem with the game Prototype.

3rd Oct 2009, 21:38
try updating your sound drivers OR try this : go to Start -> Run , type in dxdiag , press enter click the sound tab and reduce the hardware acceleration to basic.see if it helps

1st Jun 2010, 11:03
same problem here. I updated my audio drivers and problem remains. Can't even play the game with the aidio all jittery. I wish EDIOS made a patch to fix the realtek KNOWN ISSUE they acknowledge when you first install the game, it would really help me. I am so frustrated with this, I get the game and it does not work!