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28th Sep 2009, 08:54
Hi my game keeps crashing at this one part in the medical facility, the one where you have to rescue dr young, (the one you need to put explosive gel on) the game has run perfectly otherwise. Sometimes it does it right when I enter the room, and other times it does it after I've run around for a few seconds. It always just blue screens for half a second and then restarts. It's getting pretty annoying, I really want to continue lol but I can't without rescuing the doctors.

Here are my specs:

Mobo - gigabyte ep45-ud3l
CPU - intel core 2 duo e8400
ram - 4gb ocz ddr 1066
video - evga gts 250

28th Sep 2009, 09:04
What driver you running for your nvidia card? also you dont state what OS you got?

28th Sep 2009, 09:11

I had the same exact problem. Only I have an SLI config. I thought that I had it enabled which it wasn't. So I enabled it played the game and came trought that moment. strange thing though my drivers where up-to-date and i had installed cuda software and I installed the patch and I was sure that it wasn't my hardware. Only thing thats different is that I didn't got the BSOD. I got an error mayby you should check my post Crashes at Medical Facility there is where you can find the error I had.


29th Sep 2009, 22:35
i made an exact same thread a few days ago
i got a crash at random times while being in the room
it happens only in this room. the rest of the game runs fine , i dont think its a driver issue because the rest runs fine but anyways try your luck run like a mad man spray gel on the 2 walls you have to destroy and cross your fingers
sorry thats the solution i found for now i know its not a technical solution but hopefully someone from the devs will read this and look into this issue