View Full Version : Playing DLC Offline, is it Possible?

27th Sep 2009, 16:01
How are we all, just wondering if its possible to play the DLC maps on an offline profile, if anyone has info on this it would be much appreciated :)

P.S. I used the search feature and couldn't find any other thread on this so I apologize if I missed it.

27th Sep 2009, 16:07
If you have downloaded them on an online profile, the game still uses them on all other profiles.
If you haven't downloaded them, then make an online profile, download them and switch back to you offline..

27th Sep 2009, 19:12
okay, but HOW ? :/

i have the same situation, played the game with offline profile, then created a seperate online profile and downloaded the mappack there. on that profile i can access them now by clicking on "Downloadable Content", there are only those 2 maps then.

but if i switch to my old profile and click on "Downloadable Content" it just says " You need to be signed into a Live Profile to access Downloadable Content", there is nothing i can do there.
And they don't get added to the normal challenge maps under "challenge".

so the question is rather: where?^^

27th Sep 2009, 19:21
They should just be under Challenge maps.
Sorry I can't help, I'm using an online profile..

27th Sep 2009, 19:32
even using my online profile i only have them under "Downloadable Content", which i unfortuantely can't even open with my offline profile :/

does anyone have an idea about that system, maybe someone using an offline profile primarily?
and apart from that, why doesn't Smashman have them in the same place as i do? Eidos? anyone?

28th Sep 2009, 12:03
Good to see some people also want to know about this, I was thinking about this today and thought maybe it might be like the Fallout 3 dlc, I was able to play the F3 dlc offline by moving the .esm and other files from the GFWL download directory ( where GFWL installed/downloaded them automatically ) to my Data folder in the games directory this worked, I wonder if something the same can be done with this game.

29th Sep 2009, 03:59
You would have to move the files and add them to/replace existing lines in the challenge mode definitions in the BmGame.ini.

29th Sep 2009, 11:02
but i wouldn't want to mess around with those as long as noone can confirm and explain how exactely he has done it

well, soon i have finished it on my online profile as well, then it's no prob/difference to play the DLC there :)

but still, any new information to how this game works and how it can be "modified" is appreciated, i'm sure ;)

29th Sep 2009, 12:52
Unfortunately I haven't actually found way to do this yet, just like ann0x I to don't want to mess around with the files with out knowing exactly what to do first, just thought something the same might be possible, hopefully someone from Eidos can give us some info on this.

29th Sep 2009, 17:01
Just tried moving the files and adding the necessary lines to the ini file.

If I add them, mark them as pack=0 content (the basic game), and use up existing challenge map ids (ie. using id 23 and 24, thus replacing the last two unlockable challenge maps) the game tries to start them, won't find the necessary files and you will be stuck with a "black screen of doom". I still had a second copy of the files in the G4WL content folder, also to no avail.

If you mark them as DLC content (pack=1) they won't show up at all.

If you use the information included in the DLC25__BmGame.ini (pack=1, 25 and 26 for both map and picture ids), the files won't show up either.

So... no success so far!

But messing around with the files is fun, after all... the re-install in the worst case doesn't take too long.

30th Sep 2009, 12:13
Hi all same here ppl controller isnt working unless i pull it out an put it back in to the usb port then it seem to work,? the main problem is live it sucks<?i agree with some one who said that fallout 3 can be played with out going in to live an you can save your games,

this is were im haveing my problems it wont except online or off line profiles an because it wont join live i cant save my game.

i just want to put the game in an play? the good old days but there no money in that, the bm launcher works now ive patched it, which is good too see but batman is bad but he not going to get throw a hole game with out dieing or being saved< ha ha is it a bug i dont want to join live or pay to play the game ive all rdy payed for as well as the money to get on line ,the jokers about some were ,or has somethink to do with this, pls can some one help im not a c ++ programer ? just a plane person wanting to play a game, 11 hours yeasterday an a few hours to day . an still cant play the game because of live, way to go?

this isnt a joke eney more it a mess, will there be a patch out to fix this ?

30th Sep 2009, 13:31
if i understand your problem correctly, why don't you just create an offline profile?

it's right that you have to create a profile in order to play this game, but if you make an offline one it will make you no problems. you don't have to pay anything for any profile.

just make an offline profile and play the story mode, no problem!
you are not even really connected to "Live!" then.

30th Sep 2009, 13:57
Hi annux
ty for a reply ,i agree? but it isnt letting me play saying it cant save the game till im signed in but i am ?sign in that is, what your saying works with fallout 3 but not on batman,ive reinstalled batman , uninstall live tryed a few things again nothink,im signed in but im not?once you uninstall live the bm launcher wont work, so that has to be up and running? im thinking of deleteing all profile an starting again maybe ? again ty for saying some think on this matter.

30th Sep 2009, 16:35
hi again ive deleted all profiles, ive used a diffrent e-mail add, done a live tag done a off line tag,an ill i get is cantconnect to live error code 0x80151906 is it the windowslive or the game, ive tryed combo ways of doing this ending in off line profiles an still nito,this is now somewere in the time line of about 15 hours of my time ,s**t i should be payed for this ,again unreal. again i get signed in ,i press the tab for off line an get erroe mesages,not signed in cant download on line stuff or save games, which then leve me to try an play the game with out saveing ?which means bs that what it means, im pissed and i want to take the game back to the shop were there be more trouble, ive tryed live help ha ha a fracking joke, tell me cos ive done my bit ?

30th Sep 2009, 17:04
first of all, during the installation the game should also install "Games for Windows Live!" on your pc, you need to have that.
When you start the game for the first time you need to create a profile in "Games for Windows Live", but you have the options "Live" or "offline".
If you choose "offline" you should need nothing more to play the game and also be able to save.

maybe deinstall the game and try exactely that with a totally "fresh" game

30th Sep 2009, 21:09
ill do just that, an see what happens an ty,ann0z

30th Sep 2009, 21:28
alright, but i'm out for today.
i hope someone else can help you if it doesn't work

1st Oct 2009, 11:36
it ok now i fixed it ,shop gave me the money back plus i was going to get another game but it was all so run by windowlive so again pulled away from it ,but ann0x ty for trying be good ~s

6th Oct 2009, 02:07
Just wondering if anyone has made any progress on this or heard any news of another way to play the dlc on an offline profile.