View Full Version : How do you save mini ninjas ds?

27th Sep 2009, 15:44
I really need to know how you save mini ninjas on ds, it is driving me crazy not knowing how:mad2:. Please answer asap because my ds has been sitting on charge for about 5 hours!

27th Sep 2009, 15:52
There are small shrines along the way. Activate one and the game will save your progress. The game should also make an autosave at the end of each area you enter.

*click* (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=ninja2009-09-2717-55-1zpwo.jpg)

12th Dec 2009, 05:06
Have you seen the Tengus with the orange clothes? If you talk to them they will ask you if you want to save your game.