View Full Version : Please dont destroy hitman 5!

26th Sep 2009, 14:20
Hello ,as a french fan of hitman i played my first hitman in december 2002,on a demo cd.Years after,i bought hitman 2 and 3

I liked both and did them several times in order to be able to be "invisible asassin".

I finally found out by my self ways to do the game without killinganyone,except targets ,and i like that.

The worst missions for me where in Japan because i did not understand how ninjas could recognize you ,but yet i found ways to finish in invisble assassin,using a sniper gun to shoot the generator at first try.

Blood money was a great experience,the hardest level for me was the opera level.

I did not understand why i never had the best reward,and yet i found why.The policeman in the hall room saw me when i go to the watercloset and stole a workman'sclothes.

The three games were good,yet i have some fears for the next one.

I heard that there would be common elements between a second hitman movie and the game.So please dont make a mere marketting product and respect the spirit of hitman.

In the three hitman games there were little illogic flaws ,that made you ask:why i am recognized here?

Especially in hitman 2,they disappeared in hitman contracts and completely in blood money which is the masterpiece.

I think that most of blood money elements are good and must be kept:the possibility for example to simulate an accident,to push someone from a window or use a bomb,or make the person eaten by alligators.

My favourite way of playing was to strangle the targets.

Oddly enough,in hitman blood money,i did not had to use sniper gun a single time.

In the casino mission i hid myself in the elevators.

So what must be kept:The way of making believe in accidents,the various ways to kill.

What must be add:the possibility to view your highscores(you can't in blood money)

The last mission of hitman 2 and hitman blood money is a "kill them all "mission,i dont really think it is in the spirit of the game.

I thin IA must still be improved so that the "brute way of killing" be nearly impossible,i mean just enter and kill everyone.

s there an official chronology of the game?Some events in hitman contracts seem to happen before hitman 2 (all the flashbacks) but the last mission happen during blood money story i believe.

Hitman license is one of your most promitting license so take great care of it.