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26th Sep 2009, 10:01
Hi, before addressing my issue i will explain what i have done sofar.
I ordered this game (which really is as good as it's said to be) on amazon and installed it. Then i played it completely without activating any online account (in the beginning it just told me i "could" make my account "Live", but i didnt want to and also didnt think i'd have any use for that).
During that time i once tried to make my account Live, because i read about a new patch and thought why not, but it didnt work somehow (thank god, as i understand it would have deleted all my saves?). I also found out that if i started the autorun of the dvd in my drive, in it's menue there was only the option to "install" but not to play or to change the settings - so it didnt realize i had the game installed on my pc ! I think this might have been why i couldnt upgrade my account? but i didnt mind since i could play perfectely well buy starting it via shortcut like any other game.
I read that you were so nice as to upload the patch here as well, so i loaded it but waited until i finished the game since i didnt want it to cause any problems and wasn't sure if i could turn off physx because the menue of the dvd for settings wasnt working, as i wrote above.
So as i tried to install 1.1 later then it told me that the game was not installed on my pc, so it couldnt update it (the very game i had just finished ;P).
After reading a bit, worrying about my save and backing it up i reinstalled the game (good there was the option to "keep saves"!) and finally i had the game "officially" on my pc! patching worked after that and my savegame was alright.

I just wrote this above to give you some background about the situation but also to address some confusing things that might have brought other players in the same situation as i am. Additionally i wanted to tell you about the issue of the game not being recognized as "installed".

But here is my actual problem:
I have now finished the game on my offline account with everything completed exept for challenges. But if i wanted to get the additional content (2 mappacks sofar) i would have to load them using a live account, right? Is there now any way i can keep my progress but still have access to additional content, because if i created a live account now, my old one would be gone? Can i get the mappacks with an offlince account? Can i transfer my savegame from offline to live account? Is there a way to upgrade my account without losing the save? If i could just have two accounts, one of them my old offline and one Live it would be so much easier!

Please make sure in your next game the process is less confusing and players know what they are doing and dont just realize they have done something wrong at the end of the game, because the game itself is really great!

26th Sep 2009, 16:41
i have found the prefect solution for me, thanks to a guy from this forum.
to all out there who didn't know yet: it is possible to create a seperate second account, which you can connect to Live then, if you started the game with an offline account. Simply go into the GFWL menue (press pos1 for me) and log out, then you can "create a new account", which you can handle as you like, it will have no effect on your old account and it's saves.

just make sure you never upgrade an offline account to online, since you will probably lose all saves!

if you dont see your old account after creating a second, don't panic, sometimes you need to log out in the GFWL menue and then you can select your old, but normally you are asked in the beginning of the game on which you like to play.

this option seems to be the best for me, having two serperate accounts, one offline with all your progress and one online to enjoy the Live features and content.
normally a change in one account should have no effect at all on the other account.

but i can't guarantee 100%, Games For Windows Live is still not my best friend ;)