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26th Sep 2009, 04:32
I have been unable to play my version for days since I received it. It is the same crazy crash everyone else is experience. I can't even get into the game. I see the logos and then get the "Shipping PC-BmGame.exe error." Can't get it to work. Drivers are up to date (9800XT Nvidia) and have all drivers up to date, I downloaded the 1.1 patch. Everything tried. I am at wit's end and either want this fixed right away or I want my money back right away. Please help as I am desparate. It is clear to me from reading through all these posts that the problem is NOT on my end since my computer can run other similar games. I have never experienced buying a game that absolutely does not work out of the box.

26th Sep 2009, 04:34
And to be clear, I got my game through Steam. I have even re-installed it. Steam doesn't give refunds for these types of problems or believe me, I would have gotten my money back already. I am frustrated beyond belief. Phys disabled both in game and on the NVidia panel. AMD 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+, 2.99 Ghz, 2 GB Ram. I never had a problem with the demo.

26th Sep 2009, 16:58

26th Sep 2009, 17:10
I've not experienced this crash.
Therefore not 'everyone else is experience'
Anyway, where are your Documents located?
Are they anywhere other than the default location?

26th Sep 2009, 18:15
i have the same problem... but i am 57% in the game.. and i can't continue playing cause of it...

***also steam player.

26th Sep 2009, 19:11
Documents located in C:

27th Sep 2009, 15:02

13th Oct 2009, 08:50
bump bump!

13th Oct 2009, 09:26
Give us a dxdiag :) In particular, I wanna check that your desktop resolution matches what your computer believes is the maximum supported by your monitor.

Also, have you tried setting everything to min settings?

14th Oct 2009, 18:03
I am pretty much the same boat... similar hardware as you.... demo ran fine... full version spikes my processor to 100% before I even hit the Eidos logo .... crash happens anytime after that, and usually locks my machine and forces a hard re-boot...

I was kicking around threads here and found this one:

They are talking about removing/having troubles with the optimizer, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to install it anyway... google search it... you should hit a link inside of AMD's website

Things seem better now... processor sits more around 80% and I've been able to put the video settings back into the "high"/"normal physx" range

This isn't a silver bullet by any means (I still crash every 45 minutes or so with the "file not found") error, but it does seemed to have helped get passed my larger problems (I wasn't able to get passed the first few rooms before).

Install at your own risk, as I said, the thread above talks about removing this tool to stop crashes, but it seems to have helped me some, so I thought I'd pass it along.