View Full Version : Arkham Mansion Joker Tooth hunt! (spoiler)

25th Sep 2009, 10:07
Hi, after beating the game I'm trying to get 100% Riddler's trophies but I couldn't find 3 of 20, just run once or twice searching for them, nothing.

BTW, where's now the Ra's Al Ghul corpse? it really was here.... OMG he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!

25th Sep 2009, 11:07
Do you know in which general area these teeth are? If they're in the mansion I can help:

Check the warden's office in the mansion. Once you enter go forward a bit then turn around and look up, you should be able to graple up to a walkway. You will find 3 Joker Teeth up there.

Those were the three teeth I couldn't find on my first playthrough.

18th Oct 2009, 12:43
hii.. i have destroyed 19/20 joker teeth and according to the riddles one is remaining in Mansion. i have searched everywhere in the mansion but not able to find it.

PS:how can only 1 tooth be leftout?!! :(

Please help.

Thnak you.

18th Oct 2009, 13:17
Hii.. i got the last tooth... it was in warden's office itself.. but alone :)

Thank you.