View Full Version : GFWL "G" "Points"

24th Sep 2009, 23:57
As many other players, I also am new to the GFWL experience. When I complete certain objectives in Batman AA, I receive "G" "points?" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. What are these used for? I noticed that I currently have 145G in my GFWL profile. Thanks in advance.

25th Sep 2009, 00:05
These are "Gamerscore Points", accumulated they are your "Gamerscore".
You gain a certain amount of points for whatever the description of that achievement says.

If you've ever played Spyro 3, think of them like skill points.
You can show off to your friends that you've accomplished the described feats, but they really hold no merit and you can't do anything with them.

25th Sep 2009, 00:40
They were invented for the xbox. a way of showing off a gamers skill. Each retail game has 1000, the closer to 1000 you have, the more skill you have. At least thats how it was suppose to be. Doesn't really work cause not everyone has the same games.

Average gamerscore for most people is usually around 5,000-10,000 per year they've had their xbox. Though some people have 500K+ gamerscores. those people are crazy lol.

I personally just passed 20,000 gamerscore with batman and resident evil.

But they don't do anything other than show off to other gamers, and they're not worth anything. they're just there for show.


That is an example of a gamercard that you can get to show your friends. that design and many more are at the mygamercard.net site. Though you only get the avatar if you have an xbox.