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24th Sep 2009, 17:56
Hi everyone.

I was asked by an Eidos support guy to post this info on the forums here incase anyone else is experiencing a similar problem.

My game crashes pretty much every time I play it, (the first time I played, it crashed during the opening sequence when the Joker was in the elevator) with a General Protection Fault. The weird thing is each time it crashes it seems to give a different General Protection Fault error. Sometimes the screen goes black, but the audio keeps playing as if nothing is wrong until I press OK on the error window. Other times it simply crashes back to the desktop without an error.

Here are two examples:


My OS is XP 64bit, my system specs are more than good enough to play the game and other than the fact that the game crashes virtually every time I play it, everything is smooth as silk.

The one thing I can think of is that I'm running a Realtek soundcard on my Asus P5Q Pro motherboard and I read somewhere that its suspected that the Realtek cards are causing problems, though I don't know if its confirmed.

Finally, my DXDiag report can be seen here http://www.torquemod.com/DxDiag.txt