View Full Version : Technically JC not even worth $5

24th Sep 2009, 04:14
I bought JC on Direct 2 Drive for $5 for the PC this last week and its hard to say its even worth that.
Why 3 yrs after release are there still no patches/support for such a pos?
And now you want money for Just Cause 2? That is "Just Laughable" lmao,
As amazing as JC2 looks, ha, sorry, no way Edios , not doing business that way!

Honestly, what little I've played of the $5 Just Cause 1, it has been fun, but the fun was easily and quickly squashed out by stuttering hiccuping sound and video during the battles, odd shadows, and extremely and just out right difficult missions, with no option of a lesser difficulty level for game play. And from searching through these threads I can see that these are the very complaints that have gone unresolved for this game all this time.

I'm running
Vista 32 bit
Intel Q6600 Quad Core
2GB of ram
and 2 3870's (even tried just one card) (tried numerous video settings) (shut down all background tasks) (tried various sound settings)
My PC is more than enough machine to run TombRaider, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare & Word at War, Far Cry2, Left 4 Dead and other titles smoothly and without a hitch, and with out having to fiddle with all kinds of settings just to make them work.
In Just Cause's case, ha, nothing works.

It should be illegal to sell this garbage even at 5 bucks Edios.

28th Sep 2009, 03:36
Try the Xbox 360 version, every other version of this game is sub-par.

No point in changing your mind though, you are just one potential buyer out of thousands, have fun with whatever other games you plan on playing!

Oddly enough my version of Just Cause PC works fine on max setting without any hitches... and I'm playing on a laptop. Hmm. (Aluminium Apple Macbook, 2.4Ghz, running XP through boot-camp). Maybe its just not good with Windows Vista, XP is where its at! :D

14th Oct 2009, 23:14
WOW i did not know you were on jc1 forums...poor bison

9th Jan 2010, 15:25
The physics are disgusting, but everything else is brilliant :D