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23rd Sep 2009, 16:46
Ati tech quote:

"Batman: Arkham Asylum

In this game, Nvidia has an in-game option for AA, whereas, gamers using ATI Graphics Cards are required to force AA on in the Catalyst Control Center.

The advantage of in-game AA is that the engine can run AA selectively on scenes whereas Forced AA in CCC is required to use brute force to apply AA on every scene and object, requiring much more work.

Additionally, the in-game AA option was removed when ATI cards are detected. We were able to confirm this by changing the ids of ATI graphics cards in the Batman demo. By tricking the application, we were able to get in-game AA option where our performance was significantly enhanced. This option is not available for the retail game as there is a secure rom."

Seems nvidia are out to screw Ati.:rolleyes:

23rd Sep 2009, 16:55
i'm pretty sure in the full version AA was there for ATI cards. though i could be confusing it with RE5

The Coca Cola Company
23rd Sep 2009, 16:56
I've written before what RockSteady said:

The form of anti-aliasing implemented in Batman: Arkham Asylum uses features specific to NVIDIA cards. However, we are aware some users have managed to hack AA into the demo on ATI cards. We are speaking with ATI/AMD now to make sure it’s easier to enable some form of AA in the final game.

and everybody said "That's BS! There isn't a specific implementation. They just block ati card's from using AA and if you change the vendorid and force it through the drivers it works perfectly fine."

Not it turns out, that it IS a specific implementation and forcing it doesn't work as good as it was previously thought, uh?