View Full Version : Keyboard not responsive (Bugs?)

23rd Sep 2009, 09:15
I had been playing the game eveyrday. I would say this is a very good game, but it will even be better if the following issue is addressed.

Every now and then when batman comes across a cover that allows him to go into the maintenance accesses, the key combination "LCtrl + Space" pops up, but when I try this combi the keyboard will go totally unresponsive. Batman will just stand there unable to move even when i pressed WASD. Only way to correct this is to quit the game entirely and run the program again. Sometimes the same problem occurs when I try to corner cover (key combi "LCtrl + Space")

Anyone experiencing the same prob?

23rd Sep 2009, 09:30
Do you have Windows Live Messenger running? Ctrl-Space is a hotkey for Messenger, so it will intercept the keypress and prevent the game from registering it.

You might be able to solve this by shutting Messenger down while playing. You could also bind either crouch or use to another key, or use the crouch lock functionality (caps lock).

23rd Sep 2009, 16:52
Oops, it appears that the game is not at fault but me. I have unknowingly set Ctrl+Space as the hotkey for one of my IMEs. I remove it and now it works like a charm.

Thanks for the help anyway.:)