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23rd Sep 2009, 07:41
i only registered here on the forum to express my full hate about the decision to use games for windows live. it is the utter nonsense tbh. the installation and hassle i had with that pice of crap took me by far longer than the installation of the game itself.

first i had to apply some manual patch. to get that i had to first find a localized version which i could only get by specifying an email address to which a link and a password was sent from M$. then i thought everything was fine, but after i launched gfwl again i had to apply some additional automatic patch. and then another patch <= seriously, what the <censored-word>?

then for some reason an ie window got opened for which i had to activate crappy activex. again: wtf? and all that happened after i activated was this:


after further hassle to get that PoS to run, i finally managed to find out how to update the game. in the first second during the update the progress bar went to 99% and it was there until the download finished. no progress indicator whatsoever. in my anger i went for a walk, when i returned the update seemed to be finished. this is how it looked like:


seriously, is this how you want to treat your paying customers? being disappointed is an understatement tbh.

ps: i don't care if this is the nth hatred thread about gfwl. there can't be enough from what i experienced.

The Coca Cola Company
23rd Sep 2009, 09:17
This is the link to Live: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=9b3d84ca-15ef-4652-b7ad-540a25a38f89#tm

I'm not sure why you had to install all those gfw live updates and be given a link and password from MS?????

23rd Sep 2009, 10:04
thanks, that probably would have helped, can't try anymore. the multiple updates are probably because stuff is missing. your link has 30mb, the file on the dvd has 267mb. i think it contains .net as well, not sure though.

i ran into another issue now: my offline profile is gone after the update :(

when i thought i couldn't be more disappointed, i was proven wrong ...