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23rd Sep 2009, 05:39
hey everyone , heres my problem , i purchased batman AA on steam and then ran the game with the latest nvidia drivers on my comp, everything was running great at 1920x1200 4xaa until the first screcrow scene with all the debris it went to a crawl, almost like 2-8 fps only so i updated the physx drivers to the latest ones on nvidia site (if theres new ones please help) and got the following results at 1680x1050 4x aa : 24min max 60 avg 46 is , i used to get 8 fps avg before the update to the physx drivers , but then i encountered the same problem on the second scarecrow dream level it slowed down a lot , i ran the benchmark and saw that my min fps have again gone down to 15fps minimum , so is this performance normal on my card? , any gtx285 users out there please help , im using the latest drivers on the nvidia download page whql , all feedback and help appreciated ,thanx in advance, i really want to play with physx on high , i though my vid card was good enough. :scratch:

23rd Sep 2009, 08:54
Hi. I am currently using a GTX280 with everything on maximum (1920x1200 4xAA), and I had no problems with the scarecrow scenes... I don't know exactly what my min. FPS was in those scenes, but it was definitely no lower than 30-40. I am using driver version 190.62 and the PhysX drivers that came with that version.

Have you installed the 1.1 patch? I think it addresses some of the issues with PhysX.

Hope you get it sorted.

P.S. I am running an i7 @ 3.6GHz, but it looks as if the game is GPU limited anyway.

25th Sep 2009, 01:01
hey thanks for the reply, i was outta town. well its kinda sad to hear that. maybe i will try to reinstall my drivers and my physx ones one see if that helps , so am i the only one that gets low min fps with physx on high on a gtx285 /280, i get sometimes 8 minfps or 15 fps on min, which really has an effect in the scarecrows scene , what are your benchmarks results , im getting this framerate results and im not even in 1920x1200 only 1680x1050 4x aa , what are you getting ? i already have version 1.1 it is patched on steam .

any other gtx280/285 single card owners out there with results or help ?

25th Sep 2009, 04:31
I run everything on very high, with 2AA, with physx off, i get around 167 fps average, while with physx on i get around 50 or 60, i forgot the exact number, so yeah, there is a huge drop in performance hence why i keep physx off. I have a GTX275 by the way.

26th Sep 2009, 05:37
ok guys i reinstalled all the drivers nvidia and physx to 190.62 and got a few more fps at1680x1050 min was 28 with everything on high except for no motion blur and avg 57fps , then when playing the game it crashed , i restarted the game and the benchmark now says 5 min fps again at the benchmark ,am i the only one with a gtx285 getting so low fps with physx on high? everyone seems to get more fps than me!! please help !;)

26th Sep 2009, 16:53
Maybe, restart comp after crash, something to do with re-setting direct x.