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23rd Sep 2009, 02:56
I was just wondering if anyone knows if they will make Just Cause 2 Items for 'Xbox live marketplace' Such as Avatar clothes and props, or even those new 'Avatar awards' things.
It would be cool to have Avatar clothes awarded to me for playing.

Also, don't you guys think a JC2 Premium theme would be nice? One showing the island from great heights with various objects such as red barrels or whatever for the friends avatar background images. And have the premium theme given free for all those who pre order the Xbox 360 version of the game.

23rd Sep 2009, 03:04
Ideas for Avatar-A grappling hook that you shoot off the screen- Ricos necklace- Ricos suit- Parachute-you jump into the air about ten feet and parachute down (Epix)

Theme Idea- Rico close up Parachuting to the ground, Friends- Standing next to a jet? :confused:

23rd Sep 2009, 03:16
or on the top of the casino

23rd Sep 2009, 11:58
I would like to see, Rico's suit in the market place as well as some clothes. That parachute idea wouldn't really work unless he deploys it on the ground and then tangles himself in it as an animation. :)

Apocalyptic Fish
8th Oct 2009, 23:28
Grappling hook is a must. A parachute would e cool

9th Oct 2009, 06:04
Instead of having the avatar clothing in the marketplace, it would be cooler to have it as something you unlock by playing the game.

The grapple would be amazing

9th Oct 2009, 11:10
WTF is a avatar award :D

11th Oct 2009, 13:27
If you have an xbox360 you would know.

11th Oct 2009, 14:31
and you updated it

12th Oct 2009, 00:55
WTF is a avatar award :DWhat platform are you playing on?

31st Jan 2010, 01:43
Bumping this thread because I want to see new members opinions and no doubt someone will whine If I start a new thread. haha

31st Jan 2010, 11:57
Avatars would be cool! aswell as dynamic theme (PS3).
I surely hope they will bring out some cool avatars/themes for XBL/PSN