View Full Version : Which do you prefer? Personal Light Source or Flares?

23rd Sep 2009, 00:39
I prefer flares because they can run out, so you have to conserve them for when you need them. Plus, I love seeing Lara running around with a flare!

23rd Sep 2009, 01:03
hmm, it's kinda hard, i think i'll go with the flares, cause they're infinate, and i have fun throwing 1425425122542 in one place :D

23rd Sep 2009, 01:45
I don't really care to be honest, as long as i have something to light up a dark area i'm good!

23rd Sep 2009, 02:31
Though I voted PLS and since there is no option for both. I would like to se more choices and allow us to be able to use them in combination. Fusees for instance which can be lite for 10+ minutes would allow us to mark a progress trail, and light up a huge dark place.

23rd Sep 2009, 02:31
I like Flares, but all in all it doesn't matter.

23rd Sep 2009, 02:56
PLS. You can't deny that it's so much more practical for any expedition, and story wise, where you come to expect Lara to be intelligent enough to prepare with the best option, she's going to go with the lighht source she can turn on and off as needed, instead of a flare that either dies out, or has to go to waste when no longer needed.

23rd Sep 2009, 03:05
I prefer flares, but its whatever lol

Dusk Knight
23rd Sep 2009, 04:10
I like the PLS since it can be used indefinitely and it does seem more logical.
It would make sense for her to carry both, I guess. Especially if we get environments where getting lost is a real possibility.

23rd Sep 2009, 04:30
PLS' are point and light one narrow swap, but if Lara turns the area goes dark again which means we get a limited scope of the area. Which kinda frustrates minimally since it is rarely that dark in TR games anymore. I just re-played TR2-5 and Lara encounters really pitchblack places, and I'm usually flareless at that point, which is where the PSL would really come in handy. However if we encounter truly pitch black places in future TR games it would be great if we had more than one option. Flares could lite up a huge and dark tomb, while PLS could lite narrow places like corridors. And heck glow sticks underwater.

23rd Sep 2009, 06:21
PLS, it's way cooler. and you can't run out of them...

Max 28
23rd Sep 2009, 07:39
PLS is more practical and I didn't like having to hold a flare personally. That's just probably me remembering how I hated the dark in the classics and it freaked me out if I ran out of flares. I would have to revert to shooting to light up corners and stuff. Kinda like strobe lights.

23rd Sep 2009, 08:52
By PLS you mean 'flashlight' in some form or other, yeah?

I prefer that, but there is something cool about dropping a flare into a deep, dark pit.

23rd Sep 2009, 10:27
I prefer PLS:D

23rd Sep 2009, 14:32
I want unlimited flares like legend in the Peru flashback

23rd Sep 2009, 18:41
PLS but like the Legend one, where it only has so much battery then needs to recharge. That would be great in the dark island. Use your light carefully or you may die :D

Flares are so freakin annoying :mad2:

23rd Sep 2009, 18:50
Flares. I would love to see them back in TR9 :D

23rd Sep 2009, 19:16
flares because if it's lara in the younger days then she won't have a pls, and plus... the concept art shows lara holding a flame torch which will probably evolve into a flare in time.

23rd Sep 2009, 20:22

23rd Sep 2009, 20:45
PLS. Lara has her hands free to do whatever.

23rd Sep 2009, 20:50
@ JRod108, it could be a flare that is clipped to her belt like the grenades. :p

23rd Sep 2009, 20:54
^^ But, then there's the time old problem of it running out. :p

23rd Sep 2009, 20:56
yes, but then... lara never had a pls when this game is supposed to be set. Lara's younger days that is. So... hmmmmmm. flares. :p

23rd Sep 2009, 20:59
Lara's work may be set in the past, but it doesn't mean her tech should be, so PLS. The FUTUAH baby!:p

23rd Sep 2009, 21:02
... i guess i can never win... :D Hmmm... how about she throws a light into the tomb and it is so bright and powerful it lights up the whole room, or lara could use a sticky light like sticky grenade and stick it to the ceiling by grappling her way up or climbing up and sticking the light there that will last for a good ten minutes before it dies. :p

23rd Sep 2009, 21:05
Oooooooooor, she can get her eyes surgically enhanced to see in the dark, not THAT'S the future. :p :lol:

23rd Sep 2009, 22:10
If a flare was clipped to her belt, it would make no sense as her body would block most of the light.

I do think she'd carry a flashlight or PLS though. She has the money to bring modern gadgetries to her raids. The only good reason I can find for her to bring flares (along with the flashlight/PLS) is in case she'd like to see how deep some random pit in front of her actually is.

23rd Sep 2009, 22:11
Oooooooooor, she can get her eyes surgically enhanced to see in the dark, not THAT'S the future. :p :lol:

Yeah, like Ridd-ick (had to write it like that cause of this: ****) :lol:

PLS definitely, don't like flares... ;)

23rd Sep 2009, 22:39
Personal light was my fav as if you run out of flares dark area's can be very difficult.

24th Sep 2009, 14:20
like cats!

24th Sep 2009, 22:26
How about a flashlight, like in Anniversary (wii anyways, not sure on others)

but there was battery life. and you could extend it by finding battery packs throughout camp sites around the island. The little monsters with sghetti fingers should be scared of lights and attack in groups. So if you're flashlight dies, DUN DUN DUN!!!

26th Sep 2009, 02:30
PLS; Lara should not be a hypocrite and call Pierre a litterbug when she's going around throwing used flares around. :rasp: She needs to be environmentally friendly. :D

26th Sep 2009, 11:18
No real adventurer should dare raid a tomb without flares.. I think i still relate LC with a female version of Indiana Jones, anyway the PLS goes ON and OFF, thats it, wow?
The flares run out, you have to find them in the game world, you can throw them out and pick them up .. a bit more interesting.

Comparing the two is like comparing a modern assault rifle with a more traditional shotgun, the first might be more effective but the later is way more stylish.

26th Sep 2009, 11:29
Blach. Flares=fail

One of the worst parts of Core games.

26th Sep 2009, 12:15
maybe then... just maybe... how about an eco friendly pls kind of like legend, but it starts of dim, gets brighter, then shuts off to recharge...

26th Sep 2009, 15:30
I prefer flares, because I like throwing them around.
But I have to say that I don't like all these technical things at all. ( Without the headset, thats kinda cool 8-), but also this had to lose the connection in caves, etc. )
I think a REAL tomb raider doesn't need a whole PDA and a PLS. ( I liked the diary ^^)
In a matter of fact the PLS ( it uses solar energy to recharge the battery, doesn't it?!) would have to run out of battery in very dark caves, because there's no light to recharge the battery. So I would say an intelligent TR would pick both with him, but flares are cooler :D

26th Sep 2009, 20:02
What does cool points have to do with keeping alive? :rolleyes: The PLS is more reliable than the flares so I think Lara should use them over the flares. The flares go out and the PLS doesn't. We dont' know how it works so the arguement that it runs on solar power is only speculation.

Flares 0

26th Sep 2009, 22:12
Flares can be made usefull.
For example you can toss them on the ground to keep the snakes away XD

Flares 1

26th Sep 2009, 22:22
You can use your guns to make them go away permenently and like I said, the flares go out. So, the PLS illuminates the ground, Lara sees snake, Lara kills snake, Lara moves on.

Flares 0

27th Sep 2009, 09:22
I think I prefer flares because they seem like the classic way of bringing light into the tombs. I mean they remind me of Indiana Jones (I can't remeber if he even used them).

Either way, flares or some form of burning torch.:cool:

27th Sep 2009, 09:36
maybe... lara has no light with her at all. then it's more spooky and those weird creatures will jump out at you and attack which would scare the bejesus outta me! I got scared of a core design custom level tutorial when a mummy comes round the corner... they never die! They follow you everywhere... so i decided to quit coz they scare me like hell.

27th Sep 2009, 09:48
maybe... lara has no light with her at all. then it's more spooky and those weird creatures will jump out at you and attack which would scare the bejesus outta me! I got scared of a core design custom level tutorial when a mummy comes round the corner... they never die! They follow you everywhere... so i decided to quit coz they scare me like hell.

Haha...:lol: It was probably the same with me, I don't mind things as long as they can die.

But Lara won't have the PLS in the next game will she because it's rumoured to be a origin story. She wouldn't have met zip I don't think.:scratch:

27th Sep 2009, 10:14
exactly. i said that she wouldn't have a pls coz if it's lara as her younger self as explained in detail, then the pls won't have existed then will it?

27th Sep 2009, 16:32
PLS rules!

We are in 21st century, come on, flares?! That would be ridiculous!

27th Sep 2009, 16:37
but this game is NOT set in the 21st century... derrrrr.... i hope i wont have to repeat myself.

27th Sep 2009, 21:49
Ah, but who's to say that she has flares in this origin story? I would think she would have to use something even more simpler than that: torches. Besides, the thread asked which we preferred, not which was more likely to appear in the next game. :p

6th Oct 2009, 03:43
Flares for me.

Lol isnt there a torch-weilding Lata in the TR 9 concepts...?

Max 28
7th Oct 2009, 04:33
She's had torches before, TR:4. I likes it actually, seemed kinda original. But maybe it was back then.

7th Oct 2009, 04:43
I always liked the flares... added a bit more suspense since their not that bright & go out leaving you in the dark. A neon green flare would be cool, or the torch in the new concept art would be neat.

7th Oct 2009, 06:49
The one reason I chose PLS is because I remember playing tomb raider 1-5, and ALWAYS JUMPING at the wrong time when trying to grab onto a ledge and the flare goes out, and she's tosses it TOO LATE to grab the ledge... I killed Lara at least twenty times by doing that mistake. =P But it was fun and I do like the Flares also :P

20th Oct 2009, 20:01
I like flares. Flares are awesome. They run out, they're limited in number, they're throwable, they're just awesome, although I must say it was hard to choose

21st Oct 2009, 15:17
I don't want flares at all. Good thing will be if they will keep PLS because it's much better.

Come on people we are in 21st century!

21st Oct 2009, 18:51
Come on people we are in 21st century!

But, technology is not always better.

I think stuff like torches and flares are better mainly due to the fact they give off that adventure feeling. Technology gives off a James Bond vibe (not Daniel Craig bond, they're crap):lol:

I know I've posted in this thread before but I just had to post that for some strange, delusional reason.:nut:

22nd Oct 2009, 14:43
But yes, new technology is always better, let's face it.

Lara had flares, but she got something better: PLS. Fans just have to adjust to changes.

22nd Oct 2009, 18:47
But yes, new technology is always better, let's face it.

Lara had flares, but she got something better: PLS. Fans just have to adjust to changes.

I suppose that is true but sometimes there's nothing better than doing things the good old fanshioned way.:lol:

That was completely random and somewhat off topic! (my post by the way, not yours).

22nd Oct 2009, 19:14
how about both?

22nd Oct 2009, 19:33
how about both?

Be- Because... Because... Actually, why not!:lol:

22nd Oct 2009, 20:38

23rd Oct 2009, 07:12

I now have a reason why she can't have both:

Because it is greedy! Only kidding:D

25th Oct 2009, 01:53
Flares Baby!!!

25th Oct 2009, 11:32
Maybe if new TR is really going to be "Origins", she can have flares. But if we are continuing story, or making it modern, then PLS rules.

4th Nov 2009, 20:33
i'd like to see her carry a normal torch in her hand