View Full Version : Help me open the rusty gate

22nd Sep 2009, 20:00
I'm stuck. I can't open the rusty gate to get to fight Timid Swimmer.
Anybody able to give me a clue, any clue before my ds gets smashed off the wall!!!!!!!!!:mad2:

22nd Sep 2009, 20:05
take it easy, don't smash ds! i would help you but i don't know bosses by the names.The first,second or third...that is how my brain works :D
sorry if my english is not good....or something like that :D

22nd Sep 2009, 20:11
think it might be the third or fourth boss but i can't get to him until i open the rusty gate at the water castle in chapter 4

22nd Sep 2009, 20:20
if you passed the big Koi fish I can't help you
maybe you should finish something that you didn't do in that level or if is there some string with lamps to climb across,or press E to tell you what to do next...I really don't know.
Did you catch that big fish? If you did please help me