View Full Version : I am stuck big time

22nd Sep 2009, 19:03
I have got to the village with the ghosts and got the spell to banish them but I cannopt seem to get through the gate to get to where I need to go to banish the ghosts. Can anyone help me with this?

29th Sep 2009, 20:48
i know what you mean it's really hard(:mad2:)I can't get past it. If you get it please post thank you. NinjaInCanada:wave:

29th Sep 2009, 20:49
It is so hard

30th Sep 2009, 20:51
Hey! it's me i know how to get past the town.First you make the ghosts follow Hiro to the pink cloud.at the bottom of the screen you will see the possession spell change it to the exorcism spell.Then turn and face the ghosts and hold Y and use the spell.After there are 2 more ghosts do the same thing.After talk to the elder and get a KEY to the graveyard,where there will be 2 more ghosts.
GOOD LUCK!!!!! :)

3rd Oct 2009, 10:46
Thanks NinjaInCanada, I finally managed to sort them ghosts out. And am yet again stuck, this time on Night Castle, I have gone through the castle and out onto a grassy ledge, there is a waterfall and a metal object, the Tengu tells me to watch out for Tiny Swimmer but I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do. If you manage to get through that part, I'd appreciate any help :)

8th Oct 2009, 14:38
Lucky you. I still can't figure out how to get the spell. plz help :(

9th Oct 2009, 00:25
never mind, found it....felt really dumb after wards :)