View Full Version : Liberations and side missions

22nd Sep 2009, 15:37
Was just wondering what else you could have to do for liberations and side missions in Just Cause 2. It got a bit repetitive with the game mechanics just being the same all the time in the first game. Any thoughts?

22nd Sep 2009, 18:15
If you had done some research, you'd find out that they're revamping the side-missions.

23rd Sep 2009, 01:11
Here you go, I did the research for you! :)

All these additions would likely be meaningless for some without major work on the game's mission structure, however. To that end, Avalanche has reduced the amount of dead space on its new island and dropped the original's myriad uninspired side-missions, opting for a new 'Chaos'-based system. Creating chaos causes the island's many factions to grow in strength, meaning it's possible to storm government strongholds with help from powerful allied factions. With a stronghold secured, an area of influence grows around it, opening up new opportunities, information and prospective employees.

How you create chaos is entirely up to you and you can either work with factions or on your own. Just Cause 2 features over 1,000 different smaller activities to complement larger missions, all designed to create increased unrest. You might want to steal military transportation, assassinate military official or even destroy significant strategic installations – the choice is yours. It's even possible to undertake these smaller activities while you're working toward completely larger story goals.