View Full Version : Of all things, a pressing issue with vermin of the tech kind...

22nd Sep 2009, 07:14
So I bought this PC game at a cut price yesterday at a video game supplier in town, finally choosing to believe it was just under-rated after deliberating on the amount of bad hype and naysayers on the web. Yet, last evening I was already quite peeved by the fact that the game has ostensibly undergone less-than-stellar quality checking processes which has compromised even function of one of the fundamental elements of PC gaming. OK, that might have sounded a bit too vilified. This game is not meant to be half-bad actually. My only detraction is with the tech issue of mouse usage. But this in itself, is the overriding issue which has crippled even starting the game. When I started the game for the first time, the usual title and development team presentation sequences went off without a hitch. However, after the first window appeared (as I remember, an introduction about the Games for Windows initiative and other profile creation screens), I started to move the mouse cursor to explore the pertinent buttons which I was required to click to proceed. At this point, the program started to exhibit unstable conditions in the form of hangups every 4 to 5 seconds which lasted 4 to 5 seconds until suddenly the keyboard and mouse function was disengaged altogether. The cursor had ceased to respond to my mouse motion and I was unable use the keyboard to either halt the program or switch tasks. Tentatively, I manually switched off the CPU and rebooted the computer and the program. After encountering multiple similar stoppages and having to perform the same makeshift procedures to stop the program, I finally deduced that mouse usage even on the main menu seemed to produce this unusual failure. This only occurred when I was using the program though. I was reduced to using the keyboard functions to fulfill my selection sequences. Needless to say, I had to use the mouse to steer Kane in-game, which again caused the same problems to arise. I've tested my computer specs on www.canyourunit.com (http://www.canyourunit.com) and my computer specifications exceeded even the optimal system requirements. All my graphic and sound drivers were upgraded to the latest degree as well. I've heard of unpalatable bugs plaguing the game since its launch but this ridiculous issue has not just rendered the game experience to be less fun but rather, it comes off working like a bicycle without wheels. I beseech anyone who has the knowhow for assistance in this matter and for the development team to release a patch to solve the pressing issues encountered by many gamers like me soon before such issues also become nascent along with Eidos plans to expand the game series. Thank you sincerely for any response on the matter.