View Full Version : Scarecrow 2 ledge problem

22nd Sep 2009, 00:28
In the second meeting with Scarecrow, just before the second set of skeletons pop up, I get stuck on the ledge.
I shimmy around it fine, but once I'm on it, I cannot jump off.
I have tried everything, pressed every key, but Batman just hangs there.
Any ideas?

22nd Sep 2009, 01:57
Look other thread, there is a solution if you change the gravity valut to 50 in the gameconfig.ini or something like that

23rd Sep 2009, 04:26
Thanks. editing the ini file did it, though I had to try a few times. Holding D(right) and SPACE (run) too long, and you fly off the screen.
Kinda reminded me of those inflatable Batmans at carnivals though.