View Full Version : NEW MENU BUTTON: Scenes ( DLC ) EIDOS TAKE A LOOK. pleassseee!

21st Sep 2009, 16:47
It's a extra like character trophies or character bio...

When opening you would get a list with Scenes of the game:
( may containt spoilers )

- Joker's Grand Entrance ( joker's entrance )

- Bane's fight

- Harley quince's fight

- poisoned Ivy Fight

- MEDICAL FACILITY Part 1 (rescuing the first doctor )

- MEDICAL FACILITY Part 2 rescuing the second doctor )[/SPOILER]

- MEDICAL FACILITY Part 3 (rescuing the third doctor )

- Scarecrow attack Part 1
- Scarecrow attack Part 2
- Scarecrow attack Part 3 (this one is awesome to replay, your graphic card is frying, or maybe not)

I was thinking: ' O no!! my graphic card ! It cached!!!', then I saw the trailer again.
I thought I had to do the game from the beginning again... ( you know the beginning of the game starts with that trailer)...
I was like: NO!! WHY GOD??!!! WHY WHY WHY!!!??? WHY?!,WHY?!, Wh......... Why the hell is Joker riding the Bat-mobile?!

- Joker's Big Party( The party where alee the henchman don't hit you and start clapping :P )

- Joker's Final Battle ( AWESOME TO PLAY THAT AGAIN! )

you would get it when you are past the scene's, as extra....

replaying al those big parts in the game would be awsome.
I would love to see play the scarecrow part 3 again.
with that weird trailer ;)
that would be nice, and you wouldn't have to play the game AGAIN for just that one scene....

what do you think?

any comments from EIDOS?