View Full Version : Insane Night Map Pack Problem

21st Sep 2009, 14:58
Hello everyone,

I would like to request some help regarding the DLC for this game, the Insane Night Map Pack to be exact. I finished dwonloading it just now but when I play the game and click "Challenge Mode" nothing changed at all. I was hoping to see it there when I clicked "Challenge Mode" but it's not there.

I checked my xlive folder, the DLC one and it is there. But how come it is not appearing in the game? FYI, I installed Batman Arkham Asylum at D: drive because I was running low in C: could that be the source of the problem? Can we manually copy the downloaded content and paste it the game folder itself?

Please help everyone.

21st Sep 2009, 15:28
The Insane Night maps are under "Downloadable Content," not "Challenge Mode."

21st Sep 2009, 15:30
it's under downloadable content. honestly i have no idea how you missed this.

DLC goes under DLC, not under challenge mode.

21st Sep 2009, 17:10
Oh, I see. Thanks for the info guys I appreciate it. Sorry for the noobish question. Mods you may lock this thread now. And thank you again JSK103 and serenity44 for responding so quickly :)