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21st Sep 2009, 09:27
I posted this in general discussion but it probably should have been here. Certainly no-one from Eidos has shown any interest! Hopefully somebody ELSE can offer some advice here. Anyway, I've been playing the game since it arrived on Friday and thoroughly enjoying it. I had progressed quite a way (Dr Young had just been taken hostage) when Windows Live asked me to log in. This I did. It then informed me there was an update which it downloaded but stated that it had failed to install. I restarted the game and it took taken me back to the beginning again. Is there any way to get back my three days progress and can anyone explain how this happened so I can avoid it again?! It is a somewhat daunting prospect restarting the game so any advice would be appreciated.

21st Sep 2009, 09:54
You got that far without saving or quiting out at all?

The game would have warned you when you started playing that it was not able to save without signing into Live.. Signing into Live will always take you back to the main menu, this is a Live feature, as when you play NOT signed into live you are not in any profile (hence no saving) when you sign in it needs to start from beginning.

Apologises i dont work 7 days a week :( only online during week am afraid.. Theres not a lot you can do when you passed the warning and didnt sign in then am afraid :(

21st Sep 2009, 15:22
Thanks for your reply. Apologies for implying you should have been working at the weekend. However, if this is a "feature" surely I should have been warned I was going to lose my progress? It had saved my progress quite happily up to this point and I had quit and come back to the game a number of times. Just a shocking shambles really - a shoddy console transfer basically. Also, I have never played a PC game where you couldn't remap the keys to suit your own preferrence. As a left hander, the existing config is very awkward and has led to my demise a number of times! If the facility to save progress had been included, as is common in most PC games, problems with this stunning "feature" of Live could be avoided. I don't want to use the online features anyway.

21st Sep 2009, 15:30
You can remap keys throught the settings in the launcher.

21st Sep 2009, 15:45
I am in full agreement with you Buncey. The MS LIVE connection is something that should have been a choice and not forced on the player. I am not using any of these features and it's restrictions are a real pain in my opinion.

Game saving and saved game access should be at the player's discretion and has been in all of the games I have had in the past. This concept really sucks and must have come from the Xbox/360/PS platforms as it is a new concept to PC games.

Not every idea is a good one.

21st Sep 2009, 17:39
Thanks for your support Beowulf. I love this new way of thinking where something that most people would call a glitch or a snarl up can be labelled a "feature"! I guess it was Microsoft who turned it into an artform and it ranks right alongside "planned engineering work" as a classic example of modern day spin.

22nd Sep 2009, 13:46
You can remap keys throught the settings in the launcher.

Thanks - I've just updated the game and I notice an additional piece of text has been added on the "View Controls" screen so obviously this has been an issue.