View Full Version : Another GFWL problem... :s

20th Sep 2009, 23:11
i couldnt find anything on the forums about this problem, lets see if you can help me out.

i updatedd the game no problem, but when i downloaded the DLC my GFWL says that it is installed, but i cant play the DLC it doenst show on my game, and when i enter the game, it says that there is new DLC i have downloaded it 5 times now, it always says that it is installed, but it doesnt work.

i found the files, is there any way to install it manually?

or does anyone knows how to fix this.:mad2::mad2::mad2:

20th Sep 2009, 23:13
Mine showed up on it's own... it was under the "Downloadable Content" in the menu, not in the challenges

20th Sep 2009, 23:19
Nothing at all... tried in the downloadable content, and nada.

one question, are the DLC files supposed to be in the GFWL folder, or in the game folder?