View Full Version : Armored batman bug?

20th Sep 2009, 23:05
Heya! For some reason, if I want to play the challenge mode and pick the armored batman, my game utterly crashes my machine, it's stuck on "infinite loop mode" so to say, and never loads the game and freezes my comp enough so that i have naught to do but restarting my comp all over.

First I just thought it was a random glitch and un / reinstalled the game, but yet the problem still remains..

Strangely enough, if I choose "normal batman" it works fine, nothing there, I just can't seem to use the Armored Batman

Additional info - Yes, my graphics-card and drivers are up to date, I run PhysX on High with no lag or glitches

23rd Sep 2009, 23:39
Almost 5 days and apparently no solution? T_T

24th Sep 2009, 00:17
This is a cross platform game which usually means little to no support on issues. I have seen the devs addressing major issues (fouling up the main quest) but I'd be surprised if anything was ever done about this. Much less anytime soon.