View Full Version : PC Freezes on Launch

20th Sep 2009, 21:56
Sorry if this has already been discussed, but haven't been able to find a solution so will ask the question.

When starting up the game my system freezes without and error messages and I then have to reset before I can do anything else. I have replaced the files in the MyDocs/eidos folder as suggested in several posts, but this has failed to fix the problem. I have updated my graphics and audio drivers, and directX so all is now current.

I am running Windows XP Professional 32bit, with an Intel core duo E8500 3.16GHz, 2gb of ram and an ATI 4870 1gb GPU. The game is the retail copy, not digital from steam. I had previously downloaded the demo through steam and this worked fine.

Can anyone suggest a fix for this issue as it is rather frustrating.:mad2:

20th Sep 2009, 23:10
My computer was doing the same. Check the temp of your GPU and CPU. Turns out my GPU was overheating, bought new cooler for about £15 today and problem solved.

21st Sep 2009, 09:13
Thanks for that. I have checked the temps and all seem to be ok.

My PC is running all other games / programs without any problems, so it would seem that it is this one specifically that has the issue.

Does anyone have any other suggestions as i would really like to get this resolved, or return the game.