View Full Version : Riddler Achievements Bugged...

20th Sep 2009, 21:39
I just finished the game on Hard last night, then today I went and found all the riddles. After checking my achievement list I noticed that there are a TON of achievements I am missing.

1. 25% Riddler challenges
2. 40% Riddler
3. 55% Riddler
4. 70% Riddler

This totally sucks... can this or will this be patched? This is like 100 points right there =/

20th Sep 2009, 22:09
I had a similar incident but it wasn't with the Riddlers challenges. What had happened to me is while I was playing logged into GFWL most of the time. Occasionally live disconnects and I would get an achievement while GFWL was disconnected. Took about 24hours or so and my profile actually synced up and showed I had gotten the achievements. Though it doesn't show what date it was acquired.

20th Sep 2009, 23:51
even if there was a glitch and it was patched, you would still have to re-earn all the achievements.

Most likely you were disconnected or something happened with live.

21st Sep 2009, 16:30
Here is the thing... even if you aren't logged into GFWL, the achievements should be saved to your GFWL offline profile. Then when you log in, it syncs it to your online account.

The thing is, I never saw these achievements pop up in the first place.

It seems to me, that the best option now is to hack the game, in an attempt to get the achievements :( Still... it sucks having put a real effort into the game, and not getting the reward.

4th Oct 2009, 00:29
Maybe challenges room on 3 bats are 100% game finished.