View Full Version : PhysX stops working, objects float above floor?

20th Sep 2009, 18:19
Running the game with a GeForce 8800GTS 512MB, which handles the PhysX just fine at Normal settings most of the time.

Sometimes, however, the PhysX objects will simply stop reacting to me or the AI enemies, and will just hover a few inches off the floor. I can walk through them as though they weren't there. Happens most often with pieces of paper - I just saw it in the first room of the Mansion after you get out of the batcave for the first time.

Has anybody else seen this? Known cause? Way to fix? Game is running like a champ except for this glitch, and I really don't want to turn off the PhysX integration, it adds a surprising amount of ambiance to the fighting.

20th Sep 2009, 19:08
Don't worry this is normal. If the game detects that your physx is bringing performance down below acceptable levels it will stop some of the calculations, sometimes in mid air, to keep gameplay smooth.