View Full Version : FINALLY! My first video and its Lara Croft!

John Akam
20th Sep 2009, 08:40
This is my first attempt to make a video and, naturally, I choose Lara Croft to 'star' in it. Well, it's nothing out of the ordinary really, just some footage of TR's cutscenes put together here and there like you would normally see, but since it's my first attempt, so I am very excited to share it with all tomb raiders out there.

I have been trying to upload this video for I would say weeks now, but I have problems, first with the quality of the video, and then I have problems with the internet connection, and then another connection problem. When I finally put it up on youtube, :gamer: I have WMG problem (because I use some music from WMGs). I did a minor changes to the audio in hope to pass the WMG restriction but I just didn't know that there's nothing you can do to pass them as long as you have their sounds in there. :(

Just when I was about to gave up in sharing my historical first video, an idea struck me, and tadada! Here it is today! Here it is:


AND SORRY FOR THE LENGTHY INTRODUCTION! I am over excited...that's all.

So watch, and comment, and be gentle, first attempt. :p And I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy putting it together.

20th Sep 2009, 09:20
ohmygod! That is the best ever! i posted a comment on it, i'm lizwilder123 on there by the way. that's amazing! The timing is perfect, i love it! It's my favourite and i rated it 5 star. keep up the good work.

John Akam
20th Sep 2009, 10:02
Oo... merci merci tombraidergal!

20th Sep 2009, 10:19
your welcome john akam.

20th Sep 2009, 11:49
Thats just Amazing! Love the Music! You should realy promote it! :D

20th Sep 2009, 12:14
Hey there, John Akam :wave:

I also enjoyed the video and the fact you brought a lot of elements of the games to date into the mix :thumb:

I posted a comment under my YouTube usename of HighPriestess10 ;)

Keep up the good work. In spite of your previous struggles it was well worth the wait. Great snippets coupled with a nice track make this infernally watchable.

Nice work my friend.

Lo :flowers:

20th Sep 2009, 13:28
Superb Editing, and Nice choice in cut scenes and music! Definitely getting a spot on my top list.:D

20th Sep 2009, 21:24
WOW! I NEVER watch music videos from start to finish as they all bore me, but your video was interesting, well thought out and well edited. The music wasn't some random song, but matched Lara perfectly. Well done!! :thumb:

John Akam
21st Sep 2009, 01:16
Well actually y'all, the original version that I have is much better. It was a mesh up between Tata Young's version and Ashley Tisdale's version and it sounded much much more bigger (you see the ungrammatical adjective phrase?), as big as a blown-up bombarded stadium, I would say thanks mostly to Tisdale's more epic musical arrangement. But too bad with the WMG thing. Then I ended up using Tata Young's The Sims 2 Seasons version instead.

Anyway, how do I promote a video? (Ignorant ignorant me)

21st Sep 2009, 01:24
While I didn't really like the music(its just my tastes) I did like the video. Good job on that and nothing is wrong with the lengthy introduction on your first post. It's better to give a lengthy introduction about the video rather than one line saying ''this is a video i made'' :)

21st Sep 2009, 01:24
John, that is quite an achievement in video cinematography. The composition, and great use of scene transitions, all brought together so seamlessly with the music. Just one word for this video;


*gives standing ovation* :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb: