View Full Version : GFWL Stuttering

20th Sep 2009, 06:35
I purchased Batman: Arkham Asylum using steam. I created a GFWL account in order to play it. When I start it up, it signs into the account fine and gets to the starting menu. However, when I click the start button, the game freezes and the sound begins repeating while the 4 "start new game" menus show up. This eventually ends and I'm able to select one, at which point the stuttering repeats itself. Then I click continue and it begins the opening cutscene... with stuttering again.

The game runs fine if I don't log in to GFWL, but of course you can't save. After trying a wide variety of other things, I figured out that creating an offline GFWL account and using that works, so I'm able to play the game reasonably, but this bug was still very annoying.

My "My Documents" folder is in the standard location. It contains Eidos/Batman Arkham Asylum/SaveData, but until I figured out that on offline account worked the folder had nothing in it. Once again, I'm able to sign into GFWL fine, and the standalone GFWL app can log me in as well, so firewall issues seem unlikely. Also, it never actually crashed - it's possible it would have later, but I wasn't willing to wait through it all.

The experience has mostly made me annoyed with GFWL. And with it being required in order to save.