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20th Sep 2009, 03:49
All right, I am going to try and do this with as few spoilers as possible. I'm only at 10% completion so most people should be past it anyway.

Okay, so the initial issue was at the Medical Facility. There was this vent where I'd keep crashing every time at the same place within the vent. I tried that a few times in a row, then decided to update my Nvidia driver. That fixed that issue, fortunately.

I played a while longer without any problems, until I got to the room where you have to get Gordon without anyone seeing you. As soon as you enter that room, Joker starts talking to you. The answer to one of Joker's riddles is right there, so I answer it, and get the Bane bio as a reward.

I hit tab to read the Bane bio, but I can't read it. In fact, character bios don't work at all anymore. I can't read the Bane bio nor switch off bane to read anyone else's. Everything else appears to be working so I figure it'll sort itself out and continue the game.

I have to go into another vent here, so I kick open the vent, take a few steps into it, then the game crashes. Well, I've already updated my Nvidia driver so that's not the solution this time...

I restart the game thinking maybe it was a fluke. I reload the save, and I'm at the beginning of that room again before I did any of the stuff with the riddle or the bio. Joker gets in about one word then the game crashes again. I only saw the actual game for a second.

I try again. I load the save, and this time I don't see anything and it just crashes right away.

This is the error:

Runtime Error!

Program:...mmon\barman arkham

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

These are my specs:
Intel C2D 3.16 GHz
8 GB of RAM
Vista x64 Home Premium
Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+

Any help?

20th Sep 2009, 04:11
More details...

I actually just tried it in windowed mode, and in that instance it looks like it doesn't even HAVE to crash, it just does. After getting the pop-up error the game continues running, the joker continues talking, and it'll even move the camera with my mouse, but because the runtime error is there, it intercepts all keyboard input and I can't do anything. And of course upon hitting OK on the runtime error it closes the application.

I can also still do challenge mode, and I presume if I started a new story mode that'd work too. It's something about that specific place that it doesn't like.

20th Sep 2009, 04:13
Even more details... Sorry for the triple post but uh... Whatever...

Turning graphics down to Medium quality has made it work. Which makes no sense because Very High works beautifully with no slow down or anything. I suppose I'll play through this section on Medium then turn it back to Very High later.

20th Sep 2009, 16:35
Four posts in a row, yay! I'm not returning to this forum ever again so I don't have to care.

Anyway, I wanted to bump this back up to say more specifically that going from Very High to High, which for me has the only affect of turning off ambient occlusion, stopped all crashes entirely. Originally I was switching down, playing through a section that was crashing, then going back to Very High when that section was done, but it got to the point where everywhere crashed when ambient occlusion was on. Now I have to play on high permanently.

So if you're having crashing problems and you don't know why, try turning off ambient occlusion.

21st Sep 2009, 05:02
Yeah, I'm getting a similar problem, but I can't even get as far as the first level. [steam version]

It happens with physx on/off, and regardless of whether i'm signed into GFWL or not.

I get about five seconds into the first cutscene when it crashes to the desktop and this window appears:


Lowering the settings to absolute bare minimum does nothing for it. I know my pc can handle it, at least on high. I can run Fallout3 on ultra high settings for example..

Using windows vista 32 bit, 4gb RAM, and an NVIDIA 9800gt [1gb]

ALL of my drivers are the absolute latest, and yes, I have the patch.

Please someone help.. I've been looking forward to playing this game for so long :(

21st Sep 2009, 15:48
seems its nothing with our computers, its just a buggy game, never has a game crashed this much since the first release of battlecruiser 3000ad back in 1996.

i mean seriously its unplayable for alot of people. a crash here and there is slightly annoying on a normal title and thats buggy.

this is bug ridden, crashes constantly all the time anywhere. i think they spent the month trying to make it as stable as possible.

21st Sep 2009, 15:52
Hi there, if you check in your documents\eidos\batman\bmgame\logs folder could you fileshare your dmp file? post a link to the file in here and the dev team will pick up

21st Sep 2009, 16:07
Oddly enough, all I have in my logs folder is a text file called "launch"

When I open it, it has nothing written in it..

21st Sep 2009, 17:10
I'm using a 360 controller & after the runtime error i can go back into the game & still play until a load screen & then it freezes.

21st Sep 2009, 17:13
Effigy the dmp file is located in the folder your saves are in, not where the game is installed. Follow the file path given by the moderator & you'll find it.

22nd Sep 2009, 02:32
Effigy the dmp file is located in the folder your saves are in, not where the game is installed. Follow the file path given by the moderator & you'll find it.

Yeah, I know? There's nothing but a text document :confused: