View Full Version : Crashes with this error...?

19th Sep 2009, 18:50
I haven't seen anybody on the forum complain about this error yet and it's something that I constantly run into when playing the game, all at completely random times it seems. I managed to take a screenshot of the error for you.


My system:
Intel core 2 quad @ 2.3ghz
ati radeon hd 4670 w/ 512mb of vram w/ latest 9.9 catalyst drivers
realtek hd audio w/ latest 2.33 drivers released on 14/9/09
windows xp pro 64-bit
game version 1.0 (i haven't updated with GFWL because it's so SLOW when downloading!)

Please help me fix this error.. thank you!

19th Sep 2009, 19:39
i have this error alot. mostly like whenever i die which is a pain cause i die alot.

i have the same specs as you.

core 2 duo.
radeon 4870
real audio

could be our audio..