View Full Version : Problem with 7th lvl...

19th Sep 2009, 12:57
Hej. I fixed the problem with game crash by instaling openal32.dll and I could play normally till lvl 7.. The lvl 7 dont want load, whats wrong with it ? =o I tried like 150 times to load it and it just randomly crashing my game to the deskopt ehh...i made second profil and started from lvl 1 and its working, something is wrong with the 7 lvl "ghosts on screen" please help, eh... T_T

19th Sep 2009, 12:59
We'll need more details:

Are you saying that you created another profile and started form Level 1 and this time Level 7 is working? :)

19th Sep 2009, 19:03
No, its not working :S the lvl 7 is bugged or something ... I dont know it dont work even at second profile

20th Sep 2009, 07:27
Damn please help!!! I bought this game and cant play omg :S