View Full Version : 100% Completion Question Regarding Challenges

19th Sep 2009, 12:55
Ok, so just to check, under the list of requirements everything is done except “Challenges” is at 0 and completion is listed at something like 84%.

I didn’t really buy this for the challenges but did a couple for the sake of completion and its still at 84% after this.

Is there information anywhere about what you need to do to “accomplish” the challenges in order to get a 100% game?

Also, I have searched for this information on this forum and others but didn't turn up anything of relevance so whether that's due to my ability to search or something else I couldn't say.

19th Sep 2009, 14:06
When you say you have done a couple of them what do you mean?

Did you qualify for any of the "medals" ? (bat symbols)

19th Sep 2009, 17:18
yea you either have to complete pred challenges by doing cetain things or hit so many points in the combat ones to up the completion

19th Sep 2009, 17:37
Predator Guide:

Achievement guide with videos for all challenges:

To get 100% and do all the challenges i used these guides and some of the comments on the youtube videos. Using this you shouldn't have any problems figuring out how to do them. Now actually pulling them off is another thing

20th Sep 2009, 02:49
for the Challenges you have to reach a certain score to qualify as having completed it...there are 3 levels of scores which is shown to you before starting the Challenge...once you hit at least the lowest score on that list you will get credit for having completed it