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19th Sep 2009, 08:11
Hello there!
I bought the game yesterday(pre-order from http://www.sklep.cenega.pl/ ), when it had premiere in Poland and I have problems with patching, since I have POL version, also some font and buttons problems occured(and it will take ages for Cenega to create own version of patch).
Anyone has experience with this? Probably I'll need only someone to upload(megaupload, rapidshare or else will be fine) folder "Int" from ...Batman Arkham Asylum\BmGame\Localization to do so. Only by moving folder POL i managed to change language only in Launcher(and game can't start because there is no files with text for it), so I could turn on/off some more options there.
Thanks for concern.

20th Sep 2009, 06:47

27th Sep 2009, 08:41
Same issue for me (more or less), besides that in my case, it's a retail box, and more than a patching issue, it's simply that I would like to switch to international language.

It would be nice if someone could upload just this INT folder (it's a mere 450kb folder). I checked, all other files needed for localization are there, in other folders, only texts are actually missing.

Could someone do us a favor and upload them somehow ?

27th Sep 2009, 13:57
I found someone to upload it for me, here is the link, enjoy ;) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OWISAPL0

6th Oct 2009, 05:52
I received a private message, to which I answered, about the way to change language, and I'll copy it here as well, in case someone wonders about the way to do it as well.

Original message:

Hey, I read a post you commented on about coverting this game to english(international) language.

I also have a Polish version and am struggling to fully convert it to english. I took the BMGame\Localization\int folder you posted and removed the POL one and the in game text seems to be english however, i'm stuggling to find a way to convert the in game menus to english. Have you managed to do this? Could you please tell me how.

I found another localization folder in Engine/Localization. At the moment I only have a POL folder there, have you got an int folder for this location?

Thanks in advance, any help is welcome.


I said that only this folder was missing for the Cenega version, because all other files are there.
However, you don't need to delete the POL folder. Doing so forces the game to use the INT, as it defaults to it, but it's not the way to change the game language.

To change language from game, you need to go to
"C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My documents\Eidos\Batman Arkham Asylum\BmGame\Config". There you will find a BmEngine.ini. In this file, find the line "language=pol", and change it to "language=int".

About the other folder you mention, indeed, it was missing in my version too, I remember now.
This contains the messages linked to the program itself, like name in task list, or error messages. However, this has not been translated anyway (you can see that if you read this file with some notepad).

So all you have to do, is to duplicate the POL folder there, rename it to INT, then change extensions of the files inside, from ".pol" to ".int", and it will work.